This Cat Survived 49 Days In A Shipping Container Travelling 2200 Miles

When 10-year-old Emily Schilling lost her three-year-old cat, Pippa, back in February, she did not think she would see her again. It has been nearly 2 months after all and Emily and her mom had looked everywhere, with no luck.


Then on April 10, Rebecca received a bizarre call from her former neighbor Jason King, who had just relocated to Brisbane, Queensland — almost 2200 miles away. “Seven weeks later, I get a phone call and a guy saying ‘this your ex-neighbor, we moved to Queensland and we have just opened the container and found your cat’,” Rebecca said.


As King packed up his belongings into a container Pippa must have walked inside. “She probably thought ‘this is a nice place to hang out,’ and crawled into the back and just made herself at home,” Rebecca said.


Somehow, Pippa was able to survive for 49 inside the container without any provisions. She is severely underweight and malnourished but her vet believes she will be able to regain her health soon and be reunited with her owner, Emily. She is expected to make a full recovery, though the emotional scars from being trapped in a container for 49 days might take a while to heal.

h/t mashable