The New Slavery In America…1.5 Million Black Men Have Gone “Missing”

Nearly 1.5 million black men have gone missing. As the New York Times reports for every 100 black women in our society there are only 83 black men. Where have they gone? Well, they are missing either because they are incarcerated or have died early deaths – both of which occur at alarmingly unequal rates to black men than whites.

The gap is a jarring “measure of the deep disparities that continue to afflict black men”. If you somehow think that this disparity is fair, consider that blacks tend to be locked up for offenses white people regularly avoid jail time for.

And, if you look at the communities where the gap between men and women is the highest you’ll notice these are the places where racial injustices are the most prevalent – case in point being Ferguson, Mo, site of the fatal police shooting that has sparked outrage across the nation and revealed the deeply flawed practices of the police department there.

It is in Ferguson, in fact, that the gap is the highest in the country – there are only 60 men for every 100 black women in the age group. This gap is not only indicative of the radical unfairness experienced by blacks in everyday life – it has far reaching negative implications on society. The dearth of men means the breakdown of the family, with lower marriage rates, higher birthrates outside the marriage, and higher rates of single mother families, which is linked to increased poverty.

Please share if you think it is outrageous that one out of every six black men between 25 and 54 years old have disappeared from daily life.