The 10 Toughest Materials On The Planet. The Last One Will Surprise You.

Scientists and engineers that study materials describe their abilities in two ways: strength and toughness. Toughness is judged by the resistance of failure or resisting a crack. Materials with greater toughness require more force and energy to make crack or to make fail. Hardness is how resistant material is to change or deformation when force is applied. Hardness is also described in resistance to friction or abrasion. Hardness is usually a characteristic of solid material that is incompressible or unchangeable.

Strength is determined by how much force an object or material can support while toughness is how much it can absorb before it breaks. Strength also refers to elastic range (how much the material can bend before it breaks) or tensile strength (how much it can support or hold.)

There has been progress in increasing toughness and strength in recent years by combining or heating materials. Scientists and businesses want to know what tools to use for what jobs. In materials there is usually a trade of between strength and toughness.

10. Diamonds

Diamonds are often considered the hardest natural substance on Earth. However, they may be losing this spot. Other substances such as lonsdaleite and wurtite boron nitride are actually found to be harder although it is difficult to prove because it is tougher to get testable samples of those. And it is actually aggregated diamond nanorod that is more accurately the hardest substance. Diamante (or many diamonds) is a solid material made up of carbon atoms where the atoms are arranged in a crystallized structure. They are hard to compromise by impurities due to their rigidness. Diamonds have major industrial applications such as cutting and polishing tools and sharpening grinding wheels. Diamonds are almost unmatched when it comes to hardness, which is why they are nearly impossible to scratch. A diamond is pretty strong until it meets the force of a hammer. When hit with an object or tool they will shatter; if you smash them with something, they will break.

9. Spider silk



Spider silk is very strong although it is very light. Spider silk is the thread that spiders make for their webs. This silk can withstand more pull before breaking than steel or a diamond can. These webs are not hard like a diamond or steel but they are very tough, durable and able to support more force. These webs are able to bend without breaking.
There is a newly discovered web for the Darwin’s Bark spider of Madagascar, which builds one of the largest and strongest webs ever known. It is considered tougher than Kevlar, which is used for bulletproof vests.