Breaking: Mike Huckabee’s Vicious New Attack On Gays In America

Mike Huckabee thinks that the LGBT community is out to destroy America’s churches and ‘deny Christians their freedoms’.

Huckabee spoke on the right wing group Family Research Council’s “Washington Watch” yesterday, where he likened the LGBT movement to Gorge Orwell’s 1984:  “It is a classic example of — really a page out of ‘1984,’ when what things mean are the opposite of what they really are. And that’s what I’m seeing here is that in the name of tolerance, there’s intolerance. In the name of diversity, there’s uniformity. In the name of acceptance, there’s true discrimination.”

The outrageous claims relate to the fight against so called religious freedom legislation in places like  Arkansas and Indiana, which is really nothing m,ore than a thinly veiled attempt to discriminate against gays. But for Huckabee the outcry against such legislation is nothing more than a phony crisis, while attempts to organize against these laws are akin to a war against American Christians.

So for Huckabee if you are upset because of being denied service due to your sexual orientation – tough luck. And if you try to do something about it you are destroying America. It is this kind of twisted logic and that fuels hatred and ignorance.

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