9 Most Dangerous Places On Earth

Almost everybody likes a good scare as long as there’s no real danger. If you’re one of those weirdos who feels the need to eyeball death in the flesh while cackling in maniacal delight, the world is full of dangerous destinations to give you a for-real nightmare bad enough to send you tearing under your covers clutching your old blue doggy in your sweaty, trembling fists and wishing for a Pull-Up.

If you aren’t looking to kick the bucket, here is a anti-bucket list of places to avoid if you value your life. Some of them have never been safe places to live; others have degenerated into depraved holes of lawlessness. Unless you have the solution to the problems these people face, take your honeymoon pleasure cruise elsewhere.

9. Dallol, Ethiopia


With a nickname like “the Gateway to Hell,” it’s really a no-brainer to stay out of Dallol, Ethiopia. The hottest place on earth, the area is formed by volcanic residue that gives it an almost negative-image quality. The weird hues and unearthly formations created by supersaturated brines may look groovy, but many of the colorful pools are poisonous. In a place where temperatures can reach 148°F, it isn’t hard to understand why this Dantesque area isn’t exactly “Tourist Capital of the World.”