30 Photos That Will Completely Challenge Your Perception Of History.

Do you fancy yourself to know a bit about history? Be prepared, as some of these 30 rare photos might turn your perception of history upside down. You’ll be happy that #25 didn’t last longer.

29. “It has a whole 5 MB of storage” A 5 Megabyte Hard Drive loaded onto a PanAm plane. (1956).



28. Cosmetics of the 1930s. Anti-freckles treatment with CO2.



27. “Here you go, Sonny. Say hi to your father for me.” Gabby Hartnett (Chicago Cubs catcher) signing a baseball for the son of Al Capon, Sonny in 1931.



26. Glasses John Lennon wore when he was killed.



25. “Ja, ja. Das ist sehr gut, her Speer.” Hitler and Speer inspecting Schweer Gustav, the largest artillery weapon ever used (not much, though) in 1941.