24 Celebrities And Their Twins From Decades Ago.

You know how we all get all proud and puff our chests when someone says that we “might” look like so-and-so celebrity? I know that I’m like that when people tell me that I look like Christian Bale (not the Batman one, but the one with the awesome red beard). I wonder what will these 24 celebrities say when they find out that they are somebody’s doppelgangers?

24. Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook) and Philip 4th (of Spain)


23. Jenifer Lawrence has an Egyptian twin sister and her name is Zubaida Tharwat (who’s also an actress)


22. Now I get why no one messed with Pope Gregory IX, or his inquistion. He totally looks like Rocky


21. No, the picture on the right isn’t  taken from Game of Thrones and it’s not Peter Dinlage as Tyrion Lanister, it’s actually David Velzquez’s  “Portrait of Sebastian de Morra”.