18 Misspelled Tattoo Are Hilarious To Everyone But The Person Who Got Them

Tattoos are a fashion accessory to some, and a lifestyle choice to others. You want to appear flighty and happy, get a butterfly tattoo to go with the many sundresses you own. If you are a biker, dressed in black leather day in, day out, then a skulls and bones tattoo would be a great addition to complete the rough neck attitude.

But what happens when the tattoo artist makes a mistake, or the design looks great on paper but horrible on you? Tattoos can sometimes become a source of misery. Hopefully, the following examples will not only make you laugh out loud but also give you pause before you tattoo yourself a design you’ll regret forever.

When I meet ‘yorself’ I’ll remember to love him


Except the dream of correct spelling


Clearly, You Did Not



Okay, some regrets