16 Images Show How Humans Are Killing The Planet

Destruction of ecosystems, global warming, extinction of whole species, deforestation,  pollution. All these human effects on the environment are scary, but they often seem to be dangers that are removed from our day to day life. Immediate concerns are always more pressing  – school work, social life.

The following pics are hopefully a wake up call to the fact the destruction of the planet is not something we can wait to deal with ‘later.’ All of us are going to be effected by this, and during our lifetime we are undoubtedly about to witness some of the major impacts. If you are lucky enough to not have been living in an area effected by global warming take heed – the party will not last forever.

It may be too late already to reverse some of the damage – but with concerted effort and determination we can still change course – if we understand that what is happening today is a life or death issue for all of us rather than something to put off till later. If you’re still unconvinced for some reason just have a look at these pics.

1. Enormous iceberg melting near Svalbard island in Norway

2. Tar-rich zone in Alberta, Canada destroyed by mining and toxic wastes

3. Landscape covered in greenhouses , Almeria (Spain)



4. The Yellow river in Mongolia is so polluted that it’s almost impossible to breathe near it



5. Fire at oil platform in Gulf of Mexico, April 2010



6. Indonesian forest transformed into palm plantation



7. Ken River oil field, California (USA) – exploited since 1899



8. Part of the Amazonian jungle in Brazil, burnt down to be “repurposed”



9. National Willamette forest, Oregon (USA), 99% deforested



10. World’s biggest excavator, Bagger 288, used to extract coal in Tagebau Hambach strip mine (Germany)


11. Landfill in Accra (Ghana). Our electronic rubbish usually ends up in Third-World countries


12. Landscape full of trash in Bangladesh


13. Surfing on a wave full of trash in Java (Indonesia), the world’s most populated island


14. Mexico City landscape, 20 million inhabitants


15. Albatross killed by excessive plastic ingestion in Midway Islands (North Pacific)


16. The Maldives are flooding because of global warming and human action. They will sink in 50 years



More info: populationspeakout