15 Photos That Show How Dogs Will Fall Asleep Anywhere.

Why are dogs awesome? Because they are best friends. OK, also because they get to do what they please. Like nap all they want, whenever they want. Dogs have legendary sleeping abilities, only interrupted by the occasional full moon, stray cat sighting, or, of course, the munchies. And when your dog decides its time for some shut eye there is nothing stopping them. They will find a way, even if that sleeping position looks patently uncomfortable to us mere humans. Here’s some proof below.



The classic ‘falling asleep in the food bowl’ (via Reddit)


Two pots one dog.
(via Dump a Day)


This dog was up all night studying, clearly. (via What the Frikkadel)


This little guy is going to get pneumonia if he keeps it up (via Reddit)


Ooh a dark space… let me crawl in there for a sec. (via Reddit)


That’s just too cute. (via WeHeartIt)


Disaster waiting to happen. (via iwillstaystrongiwillstaystrong on Tumblr)