10 Cities With The Most Beautiful Women In The World.

Wondering where all the beautiful people are hanging out? You can usually find them in one of these awesome metropolises.

You’d think the most happening cities are those in warmer climates, with their longer swimsuit season – but that is not always the case! With that in mind, here’s where to plan your next vacation.

10. Hong Kong, China


Hong Kong is busier than Paris or even New York City. It has more models, actresses and fashionistas. It has a bustling nightlife comparable to other major cities. It is the third most important financial center. It is no wonder that beautiful women flock to this city as well.

9. Montreal, Canada


This exciting city has a great nightlife as well as a huge fashion scene. Montreal has many universities that attract a younger crowd.  It is Canada’s cultural capital for French television, film, radio and theater. And it attracts plenty of gorgeous models/actresses who speaks French.